Grand opening Friday 16th

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Server Information

EXP: x20

SP: x20

Adena: x8

Material Drop/Spoil: x2

Recipes Drop/Spoil: x2

Seal stones drop: x2

Quest Drop: x2

Quest Reward: x1

Manor: x1

Fishing: x1

Reputation: x1

Hellbound: x1

Safe/Max: +4/+16

Enchant success rate fighter weapons: 65%

Enchant success rate mage weapons: 45%

Armor/Jewels enchant success rate: 65%

Olympiad enchant autofix to: +6

Olympiad Heroes: Every 2 weeks

Olympiad Time: 18:00 to 00:00 GMT+3

Class change without quest

Subclass without quest

Auto-learn skills

Auto-learn Divine Inspiration

Noblesse with quest


GM-Shop up to Dynasty

Vote shop

Buffer 2h full buffs (normal account)

Buffer 4h full buffs (premium account)

Offline buff shops (Dedicated places inside towns)

Offline shops

Offline craft)

Item broker

Personal character panel (Block XP / Auto Pick-up / Animations On-Off /Auto Shots When Enter In Game / Change Account Password / Change Security Password / Character Bound to HWID and many others)

Custom community board

Clan panel (auto recruitment)

Real time raid status

Detailed monster information and drop/spoil list using shift+click

Individual vote reward system

In game database

Auto & custom events

All HighFive quests work

All HighFive instances working 100%

Territory Wars working 100%

Sieges working 100%

Conquering Clan Halls working 100%

Extremely good balance between classes

Good anti-bot protection (Use our AutoFarm feature instead)

Active & friendly staff 24/7

Cursed weapons

Working weddings system

Custom server currency: Crystal/Vote Coins

Donation currency (can be obtained from our donation page of our website): Donation Coins

Vote crystals (can be obtained by voting for our server every 12 hours): Vote crystals

Powerful anti-ddos protection

Party Time

Retail Events

Hide & Seek

Valentines Day

Freya's Celebration

Angel cat


Heavy Medals

Christmas Event(s)


L2 Day

Love your Gatekeeper

Coffer of Shadows

Master of Enchanting





Grand Wedding

Gift of Vitality


Custom Events

Last Hero: Task is to survive. Last man standing wins.

Team vs. Team: The challenge is to kill players from opposing team. Each kill brings a score to your team.

Lucky Creatures: You have 10 minutes to kill as many mobs as you can. Be quick and obtain great rewards.

Capture the Flag: You need to steal the flag from your opponents and bring it safely to your territory.

Treasure Hunt: Find and open chests. Additional points are also given for killing players

Korean Style: Win against an enemy team in 1 vs. 1 matches.

Team vs. Team Round: Kill all players of the enemy team. The event lasts for 3 rounds.

Capture the Base: Destroy the enemy's base. Event lasts for 10 minutes

Death Match: Kill as many players as possible. Event lasts for 10 minutes.

Monster Attack: Protect the town from the monster's invasion. Try not to die here.