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Changelogs-Updates 02-05-2021
* Baylor Golem Issue with Feeding Fixed

* Added at Community Board-Teleport-Hellbound Teleport to Darion Raid Boss to avoid doing the 4h Quest and also changed the amount of players to 12 (in command channel)

* Added new command (.enchant) that command allows you to auto enchant attr stones to don't do it 1 -1

* New command added (.restart) that command allows you to make restart your character without do anything

* New code added at autofarm script that allows you to the time count only while the autofarm is On.If the autofarm is OFF the time freeze

* Sieges and TW from 2 weeks changed to 1

* Cancelation Skill reworked now delete only 1-3 buffs

* Shoulhound Steal Buff from 10 buffs reduced to 2-6

* Update Geodata inside LOA and Beleth Instance

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